BTS ‘Life Goes On’

BTS delivered their fourth Korean-language studio collection Map of the Soul: 7 in February 2020, to basic and business acclaim.[2][3] on the side of the collection, the band was scheduled to start their fourth overall show visit, Map of the Soul Tour in April 2020, which was in the long run delayed because of the COVID-19 pandemic

Life Goes On Song’s Details

Song: Life Goes On
Singer: BTS (방탄소년단)
Directed: Jeon Jung Kook
Produced: Big Hit Labels
Nov 19, 2020

Life Goes On Song’s Lyrics

One day, the world stopped
Without any warning
Spring didn’t know to wait
Showed up not even a minute late
Streets erased of footprints
I lie here, fallen to the ground
Time goes by on its own
Without a single apology

It looks like rain again today
I’m soaked to the bone
Still won’t stop
Running faster than that cloud of rain
Thought that would be enough
Guess I’m only human after all
It hurts so bad
This cold that the world gave me
Prompts me to press the dust-covered rewind
Dancing off-beat lying on the ground
Once winter comes, let’s exhale a warmer breath

There’s no end in sight
Is there a way out?
My feet refuse to move, oh
Close your eyes for a moment
Hold my hand
To the future, let’s run away

Like an arrow in the blue sky
Another day flying by
On my pillow, on my table
Yeah, life goes on
Like this again


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